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Out of Office

I will be away from my computer until August 9. However, by then you may hold me accountable for having at least the first six chapters of Deb’s book rewritten…and perhaps, the first draft of any other chapters she wants to work on while I’m visiting.

Have a productive week, all.


Surprisingly Close

To every one of my fellow ROWers who has taken the time to encourage me…THANK YOU!

This morning I was feeling like a participant in the trash compactor scene of Star Wars – one wall moving toward me known as TIME, the other known as RESPONSIBILITIES. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything we want to. However, giving up is definitely not an option.

I spent most of the day with my friend…and that was very good for both of us. During that time I was able to rewrite a couple of pages because I’d printed them out to take with me. That felt like a real victory.

By the looks of it, I will get Chapter 2 rewritten this week…and I just might get a start on Chapter 3 as well.

Let’s go for the gold, Team ROW80.

Stephanie – It’s a New Week

I’m glad ROW80 is all about making writing goals that take real life into account because, as I mentioned at our last check-in, life happened this week. Thankfully,  both my friends who had surgery are doing very well.

As of tomorrow, I hope to get back on track with my rewrite – and some other things as well. My goal is to get Chapter 2 rewritten by Friday. If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’m even contemplating trying to rewrite Chapter 3 as well.

And as the old saying goes, Lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise, I will be spending August 1-8 working on the book with the lady whose memoir I’m co-authoring.

My encouragement goal is to contact at least three of you. We really do need our cheerleaders.

Happy Writing, Editing, Rewriting…

Good News


I am now back on track to getting Chapter 2 rewritten this week.

Thanks for the support. ROWers are the best!

Stephanie-Slightly Behind

You know that silly little thing that gets in the way of our writing goals from time to time, that thing called LIFE? Well, that’s what happened since Sunday. I spent Monday at the hospital while a dear friend had surgery. (On the upside, I got a lot of reading done.) And Tuesday? Well Tuesday was spent trying to catch up on Monday’s work and sitting at the garage while my car was serviced. (Again, more reading.)

The one thing I did do was go through my rewrite of chapter one and tweak it a little. Then I fired it off to my co-author, the one the book is about. If she likes it, I’m sure it will fuel the fire to get going on the rest of the book.

I still hope to get chapter two rewritten by Friday. Now, that I’m into the groove, I’m thinking it’s going to come together a little more easily. It’s just so much easier to tell than show. Sigh!

On the bright side, I have been connecting with more ROWers and loving the fellowship.

We need to have a big online party when we reach the end of our 80 days…and then join up for the next round.

All the best to each of you.

Almost There

I tweaked (aka rewrote) chapter one of the memoir I’m co-authoring. I applied more showing techniques though not much deep POV. It needs a little more work before I forward it to Deb, but I think it’s way better than it was.

So, I’d say I’m pretty close to having achieved this weeks goal.

How about you, my fellow ROW80ers?

Happy Writing All!

By the way, I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement to date. You all rock!

Wednesday Already?

Mondays Goal – nope

Tuesdays Goal – yep

Wednesdays Goal – Hey, it’s only 8:37 here. :^P

Addition to my list of goals…One of the participants who commented on my blog post has set a goal of commenting on “x” number of other posts. What a commitment to encouragement! I love it.

New Goal – read at least one other participant’s post each weekday and comment

Happy Writing…or proofreading…or editing…or rewriting…

Talk to you all on Sunday–when my title will be Sunday Already?

~ Stephanie