Wednesday Already?

Mondays Goal – nope

Tuesdays Goal – yep

Wednesdays Goal – Hey, it’s only 8:37 here. :^P

Addition to my list of goals…One of the participants who commented on my blog post has set a goal of commenting on “x” number of other posts. What a commitment to encouragement! I love it.

New Goal – read at least one other participant’s post each weekday and comment

Happy Writing…or proofreading…or editing…or rewriting…

Talk to you all on Sunday–when my title will be Sunday Already?

~ Stephanie


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Already?

  1. Great work hitting your Tuesday goals! I added the “read ROW80 blogs” goal this week, too. I love the little community around the challenge, it’s so helpful. Good luck on the rest of the week!!

  2. I like the idea of reading other ROW 80 blogs too, I do this on check-in days and try to limit it to that as I get a little distracted…..!

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