Stephanie-Slightly Behind

You know that silly little thing that gets in the way of our writing goals from time to time, that thing called LIFE? Well, that’s what happened since Sunday. I spent Monday at the hospital while a dear friend had surgery. (On the upside, I got a lot of reading done.) And Tuesday? Well Tuesday was spent trying to catch up on Monday’s work and sitting at the garage while my car was serviced. (Again, more reading.)

The one thing I did do was go through my rewrite of chapter one and tweak it a little. Then I fired it off to my co-author, the one the book is about. If she likes it, I’m sure it will fuel the fire to get going on the rest of the book.

I still hope to get chapter two rewritten by Friday. Now, that I’m into the groove, I’m thinking it’s going to come together a little more easily. It’s just so much easier to tell than show. Sigh!

On the bright side, I have been connecting with more ROWers and loving the fellowship.

We need to have a big online party when we reach the end of our 80 days…and then join up for the next round.

All the best to each of you.


6 thoughts on “Stephanie-Slightly Behind

  1. It’s great that with ROW80 you don’t have to feel guilty or like you can never get caught up again 🙂 I hope your friend is well! Have a great week!


  2. This is a great place to connect with writers who are going through the same thing as you are. It’s nice to have connections to people who understand the process and all its ups and downs.

  3. I LOVE the idea of a big online party! That would be a great way to celebrate the end of another round.

    One of the things that I love about this writing challenge, aside from the fellowship, is that it’s okay (and expected!) for real life to intrude. Yay on getting through your rewrite of chapter one, and good luck working on chapter two over the next few days!

  4. What’s better when Life intrudes on our goals than having supportive friends tell you it’s okay and encourage you to keep going and not give up. That’s what ROW80 has been for me, and I’m all about a party before the next round. Great idea! Wishing you luck, and a little less life, as the week continues.

  5. The beauty of ROW80 is fitting writing into our lives. And life will sometimes throw us a curve ball. It’s always nice to know we aren’t alone in our efforts. Hope your friend feels better soon. Happy writing with Chapter two.

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