Stephanie – It’s a New Week

I’m glad ROW80 is all about making writing goals that take real life into account because, as I mentioned at our last check-in, life happened this week. Thankfully,  both my friends who had surgery are doing very well.

As of tomorrow, I hope to get back on track with my rewrite – and some other things as well. My goal is to get Chapter 2 rewritten by Friday. If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’m even contemplating trying to rewrite Chapter 3 as well.

And as the old saying goes, Lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise, I will be spending August 1-8 working on the book with the lady whose memoir I’m co-authoring.

My encouragement goal is to contact at least three of you. We really do need our cheerleaders.

Happy Writing, Editing, Rewriting…


4 thoughts on “Stephanie – It’s a New Week

  1. Stephanie,
    Glad to hear that your friends are doing well. One thing I love about ROW80 is its flexibility; the other is the support network, which I am finding so very helpful.

    Good luck with the rewrites!

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