Setting the Bar

It was absolutely wonderful to spend a week working on only one project. I was able to get so much done. I must admit it is much more difficult to feel as if I’m accomplishing all I could be when I have to divide my time.

I homeschooled my three kids. In doing so, it was my belief that the goals I set for them had to be just beyond their reach: not so low they’d trip over them, but not so high they’d give up without even trying.

And those are the goals I must set for myself, factoring in the blessings of caring for my home and my family and working on the other projects I have on the go.

It is my goal to complete the one remaining chapter this week. I also hope, by September 16, to have the appendices written. If required, I plan to have the official written proposal ready by the end of September.

So, how’s it going with you, my fellow Round of Word -ers?


3 thoughts on “Setting the Bar

  1. I totally agree that goals should be high but within reach. And I also agree that working on one thing gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Glad you have had a good week and hope the next one is as successful.

  2. I’m not good at working on more than one thing at a time if it involves a completly different mind set – my next is creeping into my mind tho’ and WIP is still in P so having to fight intruder back !! You sound as if youre doing well – all the best for this week

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