First, the Positives

It’s way too easy to focus on where we’re falling short of our goals, but I’d encourage you to take another look. Where are you succeeding?

I’m keeping up with my eight blogs. (Can you say addicted?) And that’s an accomplishment, though I never voiced it as a ROW goal.

I started reading a manuscript I will be editing. Another good thing.

I’ve begun researching for an article I’m ghostwriting.

I’ve started going through my notes to make sure we haven’t left out anything important from the book I’m co-authoring.

There. That’s reassuring.

Deep breath. And onto specifics.

Before my hubby and I go out of town on August 26, I want to have the following things accomplished:

1. finish reading Carolyn’s manuscript

2. complete the article

3. work on the memoir for at least one to two hours per day

4. encourage at least eight ROWers personally

5. complete the essay for my labour doula certification course…but that really is another story

Keep on keepin’ on, my friends.


2 thoughts on “First, the Positives

  1. You are right. We focus too easily on where we fail rather when we succeed. Even when we are the only one keeping score.

    It is because we have learned to equate failure with being bad and we do not want to be bad. Failure is part of the cycle of growth, of moving forward. Without failure we have nothing. Every failure is a successful try.

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