Beat the Clock

It’s 11:53. Can I make it in time to link to this post? We’ll see.

Goal: Keep up with my blogging. Despite the fact that I’ve been doing day trips with my hubby this week, I’m keeping up with my blogging. Yay!

Goal: Work on Deb’s book five days per week. This one will have to wait until my routine returns to normal – whatever that is – next week.

Goal: Read through a manuscript I will be editing. The read-through is done. The phone call to the author has yet to be made. Again, next week…

Goal: Research and write an article I’m working on. Just about done. Hooray!

Goal: Write my essay and research paper for my doula certification. I’m on track with the reading. The writing will start probably – you guessed it – next week.

Goal: Encourage at least five ROWers each week. Almost there.

Goal: Figure out what we ROWers can do to celebrate when this round is done. I’m thinking of keeping track of some e-mail addresses. That way I can continue to encourage others after this round is done.

It’s now 11:58. I better hurry.


2 thoughts on “Beat the Clock

  1. Sounds like you’ve been able to stay on track with most of your goals, which is wonderful! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. 😀

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