Budgets – Time and Money

These have been my goals…

1) Keep up with my blogging.

2) Work on Deb’s book five days per week.

3) Edit my client’s manuscript.

4) Research and write an article I’m working on.

5) Write my essay and research paper for my doula certification.

6) Encourage at least five ROWers each week.

7) Figure out what we ROWers can do to celebrate when this round is done. 

So, I’ve been drowning in financial reality. Potential income does not pay the bills. I’ll need to divert some time to actually earning money. However, if I budget my time more wisely, I should be able to accomplish the following in the coming week…

1) Keep up with my blogging.

2) Complete the proposal for Deb’s book.

3) Edit 50 pages of my clients manuscript.


5) Stay on track with my reading. Maybe, just maybe, complete my essay.

6) I should be able to do this today.

7) This is still up in the air, but for me personally, I think I’ll take a mini holiday: no computer, just a good book, my journal, and maybe my painting supplies.


5 thoughts on “Budgets – Time and Money

  1. Congratulations on achieving so many of your goals, Stephanie! Goals are meant to make us stretch a little bit, but that doesn’t mean that it is a failure when we don’t nail them all at the first attempt.

    I hear you on financial reality. I dream of a job that would not impinge as much on my time, but I have to pay the mortgage and college tuition, buy food, you know. So one does what one has to do. I think you’ve done very well tweaking your goals, and your celebration sounds absolutely lovely!

    Have a great week!

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