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Motoring Along

I want to be done the book I’m co-authoring by mid-November. We still have two chapters and the appendices to put together. My goal is to have the appendices completed this week. Considering the other things I have on the go, I think aiming for one chapter a week is reasonable.

Editing manuscript #1…Done!

Editing manuscript #2…Should be pretty much ready to go by tomorrow.

I might be editing a doctoral paper during the coming week, so I might have to push back working on my children’s chapbook.

The invite still stands for guest bloggers on my other sites. I think I will set myself the goal of contributing as a guest blogger to once every week or two. That should be doable.

I should have no problem finishing Dug Down Deep and Yesterday’s Tomorrow by the end of the week. I’ve never read a novel set in the Vietnam war era, but Catherine West has done an amazing job with Yesterday’s Tomorrow. It not all light and fluffy nor is it all dark and gruesome. There is an amazing balance of moments that make me gasp, moments that make me cry, and even moments that make the laugh. I’ve done very little reading in other books, however.

I’m going to have to kick it up a notch – or ten – to get the requirements of my doula certification course completed by the end of January. It doesn’t have to be done until the spring, but I’d like to complete it sooner than that.

Today I’ll be choosing a new song of the week. Maybe this week I’ll listen to the one I mentioned that is sure to make me cry. We’ll see. I’ll let you know on Wednesday.

I worked out with my daughter on Monday and Wednesday. She wasn’t feeling well on Friday, so that was a no-go. However, I did work out with one of my training clients on Saturday. So – whoo hoo – I got three workouts in last week. One included a far amount of cardio. I’m heading in the right direction again.

New addition to my list of goals…submit at least one idea per month. I’ll probably start this in November. However, if I fire off something today or tomorrow, I’ll let you know come our next check-in.

I look forward to visiting some of your sites in the days to come. Thank you to all of you who have commented on My Writing Goals…and my other sites.

Have a great day, all.


Round 4 is in High Gear

The new schedule, with a few tweaks, is still working well.

Manuscript #1 is in the client’s hands. Hopefully, that project has been put to bed.

I’m on schedule to have Manuscript #2 completed by the weekend.

If I don’t hear from the client about ghostwriting that short story, I will revert to my original plan of writing the first draft of my children’s chapbook by the end of November.

I love the opportunity to guest blog (though I have a list of possibilities and no time to write for them) and have guest bloggers for my sites. If you’re interested, pop by last Sunday’s check-in (previous post on this site) for a list of blogs you may want to explore and possibly write for. I posted a poem today by a good friend of mine. You can check it out at

Today (Tuesday), besides Dug Down Deep and Yesterday’s Tomorrow, I’ve read a chapter in It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences and The Labor Book. If I have time, I may do some more reading before bed tonight.

Reading for my doula certification is coming along. The essay and the research paper…That’s another story.

Instead of a song that is guaranteed to make me cry as my song of the week, I chose “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me (

I worked out with my daughter on Monday. The plans are to do so again on Wednesday and Friday. I’ll let you know how that goes come Sunday. (I must have put her through her paces. She’s been complaining about her legs hurting. As a personal trainer, I’m among the minority who smile and give that a big thumbs up.)

New addition to my list of goals…submit at least one idea per month.

I look forward to visiting some of your sites in the days to come. Thank you to all of you who have commented on My Writing Goals…and my other sites.

Talk to you on Sunday.

Sunday Check-in

This song of the week thing isn’t working all that well. The number one candidate for the next song is one that will likely make me cry every morning. I’m still debating about that one.

As I mentioned on Wednesday, my new schedule is working well. It still needs a little tweaking, but it’s coming.

Editing…Manuscript #1 needs one more quick perusal now that my boss has reviewed it. I’ll do that tomorrow. Manuscript #2 should be pretty much done by this coming Friday.

Although I try to avoid my Monday to Friday schedule on the weekend, I may work toward my doula certification today since I couldn’t get to it on Friday. Even if I don’t get the essay written, I could spend a couple of hours (or more) reading and make some significant headway.

Three workouts last week…Yay! My workout partner will be unavailable for the next three weeks – what with her trip to Aruba and all. Perhaps my daughter and I can workout together. She has been getting back into the habit. (And she walks far more than I do. Perhaps we could walk together as well.)

I’ve made a list of possible places to guest blog, but haven’t ventured out yet. I have, however, received a piece from Amy Lee Bell that I will be posting on this coming Thursday. Thanks, Amy Lee.

So, if any of you are interested in guest blogging for me, here are the topics I cover that may appeal to you: book reviews, confessions of a horrible housekeeper (humour), fitness tips, flight-themed poetry about life, pregnancy and childbirth, simplifying life.

I’m on schedule with the two books I’m reading online, but other reading has taken a backseat for now. With new and exciting possibilities ahead, I may not have too much time to read. However, after I’ve completed Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris and Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Catherine West, I will continue to schedule at least one hour per day to read.

I think I’m going to put submitting picture book ideas on my schedule. However, I may not have much time to work on my children’s chapbook. I may be ghosting a short story for a client in the next few months. I have to wait to hear back.

I look forward to popping by some of my fellow ROWers’ check-ins (or would that be “checks-in”?) in the next few days.

Since the Linky Tools isn’t working this morning, I’m going to pop by our Facebook page to share my link. Hope to see you there.

I haven’t limited my time on the social networks as much as I’d planned, but I’m doing better.

For those who are gearing up for NaNo, all the best.

See you on Wednesday…

New Schedule’s Working

I’m in the process of choosing a new song-of-the-week, but I still claim Johnny Reid’s “Today I’m Gonna Change the World” as my theme song.

My new schedule is working well. I feel much more productive and have more downtime to boot. Cool!

My edit of Manuscript #1 should be done today, and I should make good headway with Manuscript #2 as well – Lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise (as someone once said).

Friday is my scheduled day to work on the requirements for my doula certification. I plan to do a significant amount of reading plus write my essay this week. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I did resistance training on Monday and have two more workouts scheduled. I did a little core work yesterday, but so far, no cardio.

I’m keeping up with my own blogs, but haven’t taken the time to pursue guest blogging opportunities – not yet, anyway. Here are the topics/titles of my other blogs. If you’d like the URL for any of them, just let me know. Poetry. Pregnancy and Childbirth Info. The God of the Bible. Tips for Fitness. Confessions of a Horrible Housekeeper. Steps to Simplicity. Tips for Writers. Book Reviews.

I’m on a deadline to read a couple of books online. So far, I’m on track. However, I haven’t been reading for writing skills development this week. Thursdays are my scheduled reading days. We’ll see how much headway I can make then.

I’m thrilled to see how many ROWers are faithfully checking in. Whether you choose to do so once or twice a week, know we’re here to encourage you. That’s one of the things I love about ROW.

Don’t forget to pop by the Facebook if you’re so inclined. It’s a great place to say hi to your fellow ROWers and check out some of their links.

As I mentioned on Sunday, working on my children’s book is on my schedule. However, I am having company on Saturday, so I’ll have to see how that goes. Maybe I can get an hour or two done in the morning.

I’ve limited my time on the social networks, but I’d still love to touch base on Facebook or Twitter (@NickelStephanie).

Hope all is going well with you. For those who are gearing up for NaNo, all the best.

Until Sunday…

Glad to be Here

Yes, I’m glad to be participating in Round 4. But that’s not the only “here” I’m referring to. Yesterday, traveling at 100 km/hr (60 mph) on the on-ramp to the highway, my tire blew. At first I thought I’d hit the corner too fast, but when I couldn’t regain control, I knew it was something more. For some, “thank God” is nothing more than an expression. However, such is not the case with me. I have much to be thankful for. I could have been traveling 110 km/hr in the flow of traffic. There could have been someone right behind me on the ramp. I could have flipped over into the ditch, but instead stopped right beside it pointed back up the ramp. My friend could have panicked, but instead remained calm and quiet until we came to a stop, and then simply uttered a quiet prayer of thanks. I was able to get turned around and pulled off to the side. So, you see, I’m glad I’m here, as in in front of my computer, no worse for wear, except maybe with a slight reluctance to drive on the highway for a while.

And now to the check-in…

I haven’t been listening to “Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World” every day, but most. Today I’m going to choose a new song to listen to each day this week.

I’m on track to have the two manuscripts edited. I’ve scheduled several hours this coming week for their completion. Therefore, next week I should have lots of time freed up for other projects.

I’ve rewritten my schedule and believe it will be easier to commit more time to working on the memoir I’m co-authoring. I’ll let you know next Sunday. (I won’t likely have much to report by Wednesday.)

Working on my essay for my doula certification is also on the new schedule, as is continued reading.

Regular exercise is on the schedule. I’ll keep you posted.

The blogging is going well plus I have a couple of opportunities to submit posts as a guest blogger. I’ll see if I can find the time. Guest blogging is always an honour.

Hooray, I’m doing well with my scheduled reading INCLUDING reading for skills development. Thank you again to whomever suggested this. What a great idea!

I’m enjoying popping by some of your posts and seeing how you’re doing. I’ve paired up with a couple of fellow ROWers for weekly check-ins — or is that “checks-in”…

Redundant, yes? But I want to thank Sharon Howard for starting the Facebook page. Seems lots of people are popping by. Plus I want to thank Kait Nolan for starting this challenge. It’s nice to belong to an online community of writers.

Those tentative goals regarding writing for children are actually on the new schedule. I’ll let you know how that goes too.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @NickelStephanie. If you let me know you’re a fellow ROWer, I’ll be sure to follow you back. I’m not on all that often, but I’ll likely check in a couple of times a day.

So, until Wednesday, happy writing, happy emailing, happy facebooking, happy tweeting…

Breaking News

This is Part 2 of today’s check-in. I’ve been doing fairly well on the other elements – at least the ones that need immediate attention. In the area of reading skills development books, magazine articles, blogs, etc., I haven’t been doing as well. However…

I just read a chapter in June Casagrande’s It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences. It’s a fun back-to-basics book. I posted a challenge over at the ROW80 Facebook page. Check it out, and let’s have some fun with those pesky modifiers.

Wordy Wednesday

A few months back I started choosing a song of the week. Sadly, the habit soon petered out. I think I’ll go back to it, beginning again with what I’d like to consider my theme song, “Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World” by Johnny Reid. Whether you’re a fan or not, listen to the words. I love them.


So, I guess I’ve added another goal: Choose a song to listen to each day for a week. Then choose a new one.

I’ve done well with the two manuscripts I’m editing, but I still need to get busy with the memoir I’m co-authoring and the essay and research paper for my doula certification, not to mention regular exercise.

I’m pretty much on target with my blogs, but will have to finish today’s (Tuesday’s) posts when I get home from my writers group.

I’m on track with my scheduled reading – except for skills development. I still need to get at that.

I’m enjoying popping by some of your posts and seeing how you’re doing. I’ve paired up with a fellow ROWer for weekly check-ins.

I think it was a great idea to start a Facebook page where we can chat. Thanks, Sharon.

Those tentative goals are simmering in my brain, but I haven’t done anything about them yet. Hopefully, like the turkey soup I made today, simmering will make them better.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I signed up for Twitter. If you want to follow, you can find me at @NickelStephanie

Until next time…