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This is Part 2 of today’s check-in. I’ve been doing fairly well on the other elements – at least the ones that need immediate attention. In the area of reading skills development books, magazine articles, blogs, etc., I haven’t been doing as well. However…

I just read a chapter in June Casagrande’s It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences. It’s a fun back-to-basics book. I posted a challenge over at the ROW80 Facebook page. Check it out, and let’s have some fun with those pesky modifiers.


3 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Oh gosh, you sound down. I hope you aren’t. I’ve been trying to keep a cold from becoming the flu but worry I’m losing the battle. My son had the flu so I may be sunk :-/

    Otherwise, it’s going pretty ok here. Sunday is fine for me. If we could leave messages either on Twitter and/or Facebook, that would be great. I never know when I’ll be in one place long enough to really chat, and I sleep off and on and nerve seem to be up at the same time anyone else is ever up. If that does not work for you, just let me know.

    I’ll take a look at your modifier challenge and see what I can come up with. Please don’t get discouraged because you had some days off goal. Each day into each week is so different. Stay kind to yourself and so stay positive, the goals will come. And make sure you get enough rest, that makes such a difference.

    Take care!

    • So sorry…I should have mentioned that this was Part 2 of today’s check-in. I’ve been doing better in the others area. I just wanted to share that I had finally read something in the area of skills development. Thanks for your concern though. That was very nice.

      Sorry to hear you have the flu. Hopefully, it’s a mild case and you’ll get over it post haste.

      Checking in via email on Sundays sounds great. That way we can answer when we get around to it. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to ask you about or any area in which you need extra encouragement? Just let me know.

      If you’d ask about my co-writing project and my children’s chapbook, that would be great. Those are two areas where accountability would be good.

      Rest well. Get better. And Happy Writing.

  2. Okay, I can easily do that. Before getting back to your post here, I left you this message on Facebook:

    Hey, no worry. I’m around. And if you’d rather partner with someone who checks in more often with you, that’s great, no worries. You seem more of a morning person too than I am. I’m easy and will still come visit 🙂 But, please partner with someone you feel you’ll get the accountability/ support you feel more comfortable with and keeps you the most motivated. It’s cool. Part of it is finding the right person with coordinating style. I’m just a very laid back Type B person 🙂 Don’t stress, just be happy.

    I will be more than happy to email you on Sundays and ask about your co-writing project and your children’s chapbook. But, if you feel you’d rather partner with someone more chat-like or checks with you more often, go for it. And if you wish, we can still do the Sunday email on the side or in addition. I’m easy. Please, do what you need for your success. 🙂

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