Glad to be Here

Yes, I’m glad to be participating in Round 4. But that’s not the only “here” I’m referring to. Yesterday, traveling at 100 km/hr (60 mph) on the on-ramp to the highway, my tire blew. At first I thought I’d hit the corner too fast, but when I couldn’t regain control, I knew it was something more. For some, “thank God” is nothing more than an expression. However, such is not the case with me. I have much to be thankful for. I could have been traveling 110 km/hr in the flow of traffic. There could have been someone right behind me on the ramp. I could have flipped over into the ditch, but instead stopped right beside it pointed back up the ramp. My friend could have panicked, but instead remained calm and quiet until we came to a stop, and then simply uttered a quiet prayer of thanks. I was able to get turned around and pulled off to the side. So, you see, I’m glad I’m here, as in in front of my computer, no worse for wear, except maybe with a slight reluctance to drive on the highway for a while.

And now to the check-in…

I haven’t been listening to “Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World” every day, but most. Today I’m going to choose a new song to listen to each day this week.

I’m on track to have the two manuscripts edited. I’ve scheduled several hours this coming week for their completion. Therefore, next week I should have lots of time freed up for other projects.

I’ve rewritten my schedule and believe it will be easier to commit more time to working on the memoir I’m co-authoring. I’ll let you know next Sunday. (I won’t likely have much to report by Wednesday.)

Working on my essay for my doula certification is also on the new schedule, as is continued reading.

Regular exercise is on the schedule. I’ll keep you posted.

The blogging is going well plus I have a couple of opportunities to submit posts as a guest blogger. I’ll see if I can find the time. Guest blogging is always an honour.

Hooray, I’m doing well with my scheduled reading INCLUDING reading for skills development. Thank you again to whomever suggested this. What a great idea!

I’m enjoying popping by some of your posts and seeing how you’re doing. I’ve paired up with a couple of fellow ROWers for weekly check-ins — or is that “checks-in”…

Redundant, yes? But I want to thank Sharon Howard for starting the Facebook page. Seems lots of people are popping by. Plus I want to thank Kait Nolan for starting this challenge. It’s nice to belong to an online community of writers.

Those tentative goals regarding writing for children are actually on the new schedule. I’ll let you know how that goes too.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at @NickelStephanie. If you let me know you’re a fellow ROWer, I’ll be sure to follow you back. I’m not on all that often, but I’ll likely check in a couple of times a day.

So, until Wednesday, happy writing, happy emailing, happy facebooking, happy tweeting…


5 thoughts on “Glad to be Here

  1. Looks like you are doing fairly well on your goals. Keep up the good work!

    Sorry about the tire. I know how scary that can be. One of mine blew when I was 600 miles from home in the Middle of nowhere Tennessee at dusk while driving 80 mph. I did have a few things going for me. Not a lot of traffic and it was a low profile tire. That meant the car couldn’t drop more than a couple inches anyway because of how small the tire was and the rim was bigger than normal. Also, my car was a stick-shift so I could gear-down since apparently braking did not do so well and caused my steering to shift rapidly. No idea what I would have done if it had been an automatic and normal tires. The bad part was there was no one to help me and the lug nuts had apparently rusted in place. People drove by (never stopping) and saw my small framed self hopping up and down on the tire iron trying to get the lug nuts to budge by using all my weight. It worked, eventually, but it was a painful process. I got the spare tire on and then had to drive for two hours on Interstate 40 at a very low speed until I reached Nashville. Got the tire fixed the next morning (the rim was surprisingly not too damaged) and went on the rest of my way to North Carolina. You just never know when something bad like that is going to happen. Glad you are safe and sound. Hope that tire got fixed!

    • That doesn’t sound like much fun at all. I wouldn’t have wanted to try to change my tire since it was on the drivers side and cars were zooming by at 60 mph or faster. Glad for civilization…and roadside assistance.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

  2. Oh, I have had some near-misses like the one you describe, and the feeling after—relief, thankfulness, fear of driving—all of these emotions descend and remind us that everything can change in a flash.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, and yes, I feel quite connected to my MC in Defining Moments, as her fate could be mine. Some things happen to her that haven’t happened to me, but I’m mindful of how dark the obsessions can become.

  3. I’m glad you’re here too. 🙂 I’ve had a few very close calls as a passenger, and I’m familiar with the deep relief of “yet another draw of good luck.”

    Good luck completing the manuscripts, and happy writing!

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