Round 4 is in High Gear

The new schedule, with a few tweaks, is still working well.

Manuscript #1 is in the client’s hands. Hopefully, that project has been put to bed.

I’m on schedule to have Manuscript #2 completed by the weekend.

If I don’t hear from the client about ghostwriting that short story, I will revert to my original plan of writing the first draft of my children’s chapbook by the end of November.

I love the opportunity to guest blog (though I have a list of possibilities and no time to write for them) and have guest bloggers for my sites. If you’re interested, pop by last Sunday’s check-in (previous post on this site) for a list of blogs you may want to explore and possibly write for. I posted a poem today by a good friend of mine. You can check it out at

Today (Tuesday), besides Dug Down Deep and Yesterday’s Tomorrow, I’ve read a chapter in It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences and The Labor Book. If I have time, I may do some more reading before bed tonight.

Reading for my doula certification is coming along. The essay and the research paper…That’s another story.

Instead of a song that is guaranteed to make me cry as my song of the week, I chose “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me (

I worked out with my daughter on Monday. The plans are to do so again on Wednesday and Friday. I’ll let you know how that goes come Sunday. (I must have put her through her paces. She’s been complaining about her legs hurting. As a personal trainer, I’m among the minority who smile and give that a big thumbs up.)

New addition to my list of goals…submit at least one idea per month.

I look forward to visiting some of your sites in the days to come. Thank you to all of you who have commented on My Writing Goals…and my other sites.

Talk to you on Sunday.


10 thoughts on “Round 4 is in High Gear

  1. Great job on the goals and smart back up plans (the ghost writing contingency). Agree on the thumbs up, my younger daughter works out with me now and she was in pain as well. No pain no gain *grins*.

    All the best for the coming week, Stephanie 🙂

  2. Terrific Job on the Goals! Personal, professional, as well as writing 🙂 I know nothing about the Doula certification process, but wish you luck, one step at a time. As to the other, I am fitness-shy, and treat my feet like the delicate babies they seem to want to remain!

    In any case, I’d like to know where you acquired the high gear, as I seem to be short one of them things 😉 If you should spot one during the guest blogging, please drop it off at the orchid house……

    Have a terrific week – and thanks for the inspiring post!


  3. You are quite organized and all the talk about the different manuscripts have me regretting it took me so long to find this “hobby.” 🙂

    Thanks for your encouragement on my blog for ROW80, it was nice of you to take the time. As for the “poor kitty”, as you put it, it turns out that this stray that we have been taking care of for over a year now is a Russian Blue and so we have put him on an adoption web site as we do not want to have him outside for another winter if we can find him a home. We would let him in, but we have “a few” indoor kitties as also.


    • From the looks of “the poor kitty,” you’ve been doing a wonderful job caring for it. I wouldn’t mind having a cat or two…except for the fact I’m highly allergic. Have a wonderful, productive day…and enjoy your new “hobby.”

  4. Wow – you are one busy woman! Glad to see all your goals are on track 🙂

    The guest blog idea is great – I’m going to check out your post.

    Happy rowing for the rest of the week!

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